Monday, 31 August 2009

Rasharkin Parade : Photos of UDA & UVF bands

Observers at the Ballymaconnolly Parade earlier this month have sent me over some of the photographs taken at the parade. The links with paramilitary groups that bands who participated in the parade have are there for all to see. I'll let readers know when any video footage taken by residents on the night is uploaded.

Below are photographs of two Coleraine bands who marched past the Residents' protest. The first band is the Pride of The Bann who carry UDA flags and have had members charged with the murder of Kevin McDaid, a Catholic community worker in Coleraine. The second band is Freeman Memorial Flute Band who have also had members arrested for the murder of Mr McDaid. The Freeman band are alligned to the UVF and are named after a UVF member who blew himself up in Coleraine in 1975.

Dunaghy Flute Band are seen here carrying a bannerette "In memory of William Campbell". Campbell was a UDA member who was killed in Coleraine in 2002. A mural dedicated to him can be found here.

Moneydig Young Conquerors carry a UDA flag down Rasharkin's Main Street. At this parade in 2004 a member of the Moneydig band hit a Catholic woman over the back of the head with a flute leaving her hospitalised and required stitches.

Randalstown Sons of Ulster, aligned with the UVF and carrying UVF flags.

Giants Causeway Protestant Boys who are alligned with the UDA and in the past have been pictured carrying a UFF bannerette with a picture of a masked gunman.

A band from Cookstown carry UVF flags past the Residents' protest.

Silver Plains carry UVF flags through Rasharkin.

East Belfast Protestant Boys carry an array of UVF flags through the village.

Protestors blow whistles at Armoy's Pride of the Park band.

A band from the Shore Road in Belfast carry (even more!) UVF flags.

Dervock Young Defenders are a band who openly support the UDA in the Ballymoney area and state on their website:

"For many years now Dervock has supported the Ulster Defence Association regulary taking part in parades and functions through Ulster to support the organision on our uniforms we proudly were the clinched fist and laural leafs the badge of the Ulster Freedom Fighters the military wing of the U.D.A."


Brian said...

Dathi, you havent mentioned anything about protestors throwing golf balls and bottles into the middle of miy band leaving one of my fellow bandsmen with a broken rib. I think you find that the flags flown by these bands are in memory of the 36th Ulster Division, who gave their all at the somme. Its just bigots like yourself that try and find fault and you wont be happy until everything protestant is forced out of this country. I think you should get your own side in order first before you start coming on here spouting CRAP that you know nothing about

weespot said...

Daithi,the uvf standards you mention are historical reproductions & legaly carried with pride by those who choose to honour the memory of the ulster volunteer force & their heroic actions whilst part of the 36th ulster division on the battlefields of the somme & flanders.What is your problem with protestants expressing their everlasting gratitude to their forefathers in this manner.

Anonymous said...

Well done at highlighting this.
Ignore the bigots comments above. They are the thugs who have to march through nationalist areas to express their Protestantism. These people are from the past. I can never understand how so many of them have big fat bellies when they do so much feckin marching.

Anonymous said...

Just two points:

1. Good to see the unionists on here clearly indicating that their banners were from a different time in History and their obvious efforts to distance themselves from the present day pimps and drug dealers in the Unionist murder gangs like the U.V.F. and the U.D.A.

2. Why ( Other than coat-trailing ) are Unionists from Belfast and further afield, marching through a Nationalist area far from their Homes??

Anonymous said...

in response to the last comment.
the bands travel from all over the country to support those who support them. annual parades are one of the few ways we generate money to fund the upkeep of our uniforms and equipment. i am in one of the bands pictured here and walked the village with pride this year. dathi complained about the parade lasting over 2 days and going on till after mid night. well im sure his local '' dizzy dent '' friends could maybe be blamed for that after all it was them who held the thing up. its a mainly nationalist village not a fully nationalist one but as of the attacks this week on 2 locals its well seen even when we arent walking the streets we still come under attack from these scum bags. roll on bsoc 2010 . this year if we have anything thrown at us be assured we will return it :D

Anonymous said...

The two guys who were attacked in a 'sectarian incident' over the weekend had just jumped a group of teenagers with a wheelbrace, a knife and a hockey stick. It didn't happenn in Sunnyside either, it happened on the Main Street as one of them who had been on the drink that day had just come out of the cafe where he had been thrown out for hurling sectarian abuse at the same young fellas! Its a pity the media didn't check the story out before running with dup propaganda once again!

Anonymous said...

Just like the guy from lurgan who was walking his dog when he was in ardoyne roiting and burning a car and on the point bands from far walking in resharkein why do republicans do the same at ardoyne when they bus republicans in from Armagh Belfast lurgan the republican band carry flags for the Provos with are illegal but you don't say nothing bout that

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